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Maths Games


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QUEENIE, QUEENIE (8 to 10 players)
Equipment: Tennis ball or other soft ball. Use a bigger ball for younger children).

1. Players form a line, with Queenie (or Kingie), in front with his/her back to them.
2. Queenie throws the ball over his/her shoulder. Someone catches it and hides it. All put their hands behind their backs to outwit Queenie/Kingie and chant:
“Queenie, Queenie, who’s got the ball?
Are the big or are they small?
Are they tiny or are they tall?
Queenie, Queenie, who’s got the ball?”

3. Queenie turns around to face the line and has one guess at who has the ball. If right, Queenie stays put. If wrong, Queenie changes places with the player who has the ball.


1. Players form a circle. One is the cat, in the middle, who pretends to be asleep. The others are mice.
2. The mice creep around the circle, whispering:
“Creep, mouse, creep!
The old cat’s asleep;
The dog’s away,
The kittens play.
Creep, mouse, creep!
3. When the verse ends the cat leaps up and tries to catch a mouse. If caught, the mouse joins the cat in the middle and helps to catch the others.
4. Game continues (steps 2-3) until everyone is caught. Last one caught becomes the new cat and another game is played.

PUSS, PUSS (small group)
1. Four players, (the mice), have homes in the corners of a square with one player, the cat, in the middle.
2. Mice taunt the cat by calling “Puss, Puss” to another player with whom they want to change places.
3. Cat counts to 20 – mice have to run to another home before 20 or they’re out.
4. As the mice run towards their new homes, the cat tries to touch one. If successful, that player becomes the new cat.
PLEASE RELEASE ME(at least 5 players)
1. Choose a spot to be the Monster’s Den – netball goal areas would be ideal. One player is the Monster who guards the den. Another player (s) is a slave who chases the others.
2. Once someone is caught the Slave takes them to the dn where the Monster stands guard. The Slave then catches more prisoners.
3. However, these players who haven’t been caught can RELEASE prisoners if they can’t touch them. (Prisoners stick their arms out of the den behind the Monster).
4. Game ends when all the players are caught.

BURIED TREASURE (Small number of players)
Note: Use the playground grid adjacent to Year 3/5 classrooms.
1. Pirate announces he/she has buried some treasure in one of the grid spaces.
2. Players have to guess where it is buried by standing on one of the grids.
3. Pirates tells them if they are ice cold, warm or red hot etc.
4. When someone stands on the treasure they take over as pirate.

KING OF THE WIND (for 12 or more players)
You will need: chalk. Draw a circle 1 metre across and mark points N, W, E, S around it
(not too close as children will be running to them).
1. The King of the Wind stands in the circle and closes his/her eyes. The other players choose where they are going to stand – North, South, East or West.
2. Jack chooses North. He stands about four metres away from the compass, with all those who have chosen likewise. Other children have chosen East, West or South; they too form small groups.
3. The runners then all chant:
“North, South, East, West.
Where will the wind blow next?”
4. As they chant all four groups creep closer to the compass. The runners must not enter the circle. At the end of the chant, they blow three times at the King. The King, with his eyes, closed, calls out one of the directions – North! – and all the players who had chosen to stand to the North run away.
5. The King opens his/her eyes and chases them while the others stand still. The first person tagged becomes the new King of the Wind.

STUCK IN THE MUD (for 10 or more players)
“Hannah” is on. She chases the others and tigs “Rosie.” Now Rosie is stuck in the mud. She must stand still, with her arms outstretched, and wait for someone to help her.
“Jayne” runs up to Rosie, runs beneath one of her arms and the spell is broken. Rosie is free to run again. The game is over when everyone is stuck in the mud.

Children need to learn the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard.
Old Mother Hubbard/Went to the cupboard/To ger her poor dog a bone,/But when
She got there/the cupboard was bare/And so the poor dog had none.

“Jamie is on, playing Mother Hubbard with his/her back to the others, who form a line some distance away. The others creep forward, chanting: What’s in your cupboard, Mother Hubbard?

Then they stand still while Jamie turns to face them, naming something in the
cupboard – cheese, butter, biscuits etc – and then turning away again. The other children creep forward again, repeating the question. Jamie turns and answers them.
Finally, when the others are getting really close, Jamie shouts “Bones!” and the others have to get back to the den without being caught. First one caught is the new Mother Hubbard.

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