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We offer a variety of after school clubs available for children to attend; please see below.

Following an incident, when a child chose to go home rather than attend a club, we would like to make it clear about our arrangements for clubs.  At the end of school the teacher takes the class to the cloakroom, where they collect their bags and either go home or take themselves to their club.  The person doing the club takes a register and if anyone is missing alerts the office.  Staff then check that the child was in school that day before making sure the child is not on the school site.  After this we make every attempt to contact a parent/carer.  On the rare occasions this has happened the child has usually forgotten and gone home. 

Staff do not deliver children to parents at the end of the day, nor do they deliver them to a club unless there are special circumstances that mean the child would not be safe to do this themselves.  In these cases special arrangements are put in place. 

We feel that this is important in developing children’s independence and responsibility.  Our Home School Agreement makes it clear that it is a parent’s responsibility to:

  • Encourage my child to join after school clubs which interest him/her and inform the school if he/she is unable to attend so that they know my child is safe
  • Talk to the school about any concerns that I may have in a calm, polite manner without shouting or becoming aggressive

And children’s responsibility to

  • Let someone know if I can’t go to a club so that school know I am safe.

We also make it clear to children that if they are usually collected from school and no one is there, then they need to come into school and we will contact someone to see what has happened.


Please see latest club letter below:

After School Clubs

     Club                                 Year Group                         Finish Time        Further information



 Yoga                             Years 3/4                         4.15             Miss Pryce/G Richards  


Girls Football                   Years 3/4/5/6                     4.15            Mr Whitbread


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------             Tuesday

Gardening                      Years 3/4/5/6                      4.15           Mrs Massey/ Ms Smith


 Netball                        Years 3/4/5                         4.15             Miss Kinsey/Miss Evans


Dodgeball                     Years 3/4/5/6                     4.15               Mr Whitbread/ Ms Boulton

Sewing                         Years 3/4/5/6                      4.15                    Mrs Davies



Summer Sports              Years 5/6                           4.15               Mr Whitbread / Miss Pryce



Bake- off Cookery club        Years 4/5                       4.45            Miss Broome  (INVITATION ONLY)


Dance                               Years 3/4/5/6                    4.30          Miss  Eden Moriarty


Change for Life Club             Years 3 /4                       4.30           Miss Marsden/Mrs Davies



Summer Sports                  Years 3/4                          4.15           Mr Whitbread / Miss Pryce





Martial Arts                     Years 3/4/5/6                     4.30            Nigel Gill - C Chapman






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Please be aware that we have an Ofsted Inspection on Wednesday 14th November and Thursday 15th November 2018


MacMillan Coffee Morning - Friday 28th September 2018

The school hosted a MacMillan Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September and we raised a     massive £389.00!!

Thanks to everyone who supported the event by donating cakes, attending and helping on the day.



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