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Year 4 Curriculum Planning

Year 4 Curriculum Coverage

Autumn 1 – Rivers and Rock Detectives Y4D



Sc3 Materials and their properties

1d. to describe and group rocks and soils on the basis of their characteristics, including appearance, texture and permeability.


Sc3 3a how to separate solid particles of different size by sieving (for example, those in soil)



Geography enquiry and skills

1a ask geographical questions (for example, ‘What is this landscape like?’, ‘What do I think about it?’) Y5BtB

 2a to use appropriate geographical vocabulary (for example, temperature, transport, industry) Y4D

2f to use ICT to help in geographical investigations (for example, creating a data file to analyse fieldwork data) YD

4a. to recognise and explain patterns made by human features in the environment Y4D


4b. recognise human processes and explain how these can cause change in places and environments Y4D


6c. water and its effects on landscapes and people, including physical features of rivers (for example, flood plain) or coasts (for example, beach), and the process of erosion and deposition that affect them Y4D


7c carry out fieldwork investigations outside the classroom Y4D



RQ 13 Where do peoples beliefs come from?

SEAL New Beginnings



  • Major rivers research
  • BBC Science Clips


  • Research
  • Modelling & Simulations

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Non Uniform Day Friday 16th February

Next Friday 16th February we are going to have a non-uniform day. It is traditional for children to bring a donation for the privilege of not wearing uniform. The donations will be for a pupil who has recently undergone surgery to cure his epilepsy, to give to either the Epilepsy Charity, Ronald McDonald House or the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We would suggest that the children wear something red as he is a keen Arsenal fan.


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