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Welcome to our maths page.  We will upload information about the topics we are working on plus links to lots of websites that we use in class and that can help you develop your maths.

Telling the time:

A whole range of different games for different abilities to help you tell the time.

 Angle games:

Banana hunt angle game

Place Value games - it is important to know the value of each digit in any given number.  In year 6, children should be able to read, write, order and compare numbers up to 10 000 000 and determine the value of each digit

These games will help practise this skill.


Fractions Games.

Fractions can be very tricky to understand but they are everywhere in our daily life.  Try these games to help your understanding.

Fractions of shapes game

Different games play - choose your level

Mental Maths skills

Some games to practise your maths skills:

 Use this website to practise a range of mental calculations LOOP CARDS LINK

 Percentages games

 Demolition divison game


Year 6 Maths Games - a range of different activities.  Some can be quite tricky.



A super measuring activity where you need to measure and weigh parcels and then read a table to add the correct postage. It uses metric measures.

Understanding Measures

Do you have problems understanding different measures? This maths booster activity can help you learn different units of metric measurement. You need to spell the names of the measures in full rather than the shortened versions.


Should you use a metre or kilometre to measure a house? If you are not sure which unit of measurement to use try Ed's quiz and see if it helps.

 Scales Reader

Can you read scales? Then try this scales reader which includes weights in grams and kilograms.

Balance Scales This simple to use site has balance scales which shows how things used to be weighed but it uses grams.

Mathematical Activities for Year 6

Challenging mental maths activities and puzzles for 11 year olds. Sharpen up your skills for SATs but some activities are against the clock so you will need to think fast!

Link to Blaise Pascal quotations


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