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Year 5 Topics Autumn Term

Year 5 Topics Autumn Term



First half-term - Our Local Area

To start with, we will be learning to use atlases to locate cities and counties in the UK, as well as countries in Europe and the continents of the world. Then we will be looking at ordnance survey maps, practising using map symbols and keys. Later on in the term we will complete field work, identifying what buildings and land is used for in the town.

Second half-term – polar climate zones

We will learn about the different climate zones of the world and will focus on aspects of living in the polar regions.



Continuing with the local area theme, we will be looking at how Ludlow has changed over time. We will compare maps to see how Ludlow has changed throughout the years. We will also look at the many different styles of buildings there are in Ludlow.



First half-term - Materials and their properties

We will be comparing the properties of different materials by carrying out investigations and we will think about why certain materials are used for specific purposes.

Second half-term - Forces

We will be looking at how forces act in pairs and oppose each other. We will find out about the effect gravity has on falling objects. In addition, we will identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, which act between moving surfaces.



First half-term – Developing a webpage

Second half-term – Creating e-books using iPads.

Linked with our topic work on Ludlow, we will create e-books for Year 3 children all about the town and what it offers. 



In the second half-term, linked with our work on polar regions, we will be learning how to sketch and paint animals.



First half-term  - The Bible

We will be understanding the importance of the Bible to Christians.


Second half-term – What a wonderful world

We will be reflecting on the wonderful world in which we live. Children will have the opportunity to discuss beautiful and wondrous things about our world and identify areas which are in danger of extinction.



We will begin by revising greetings then we will be learning about ‘LES FÊTES’ - months, celebrations and festivals.



New Beginnings and Getting on and falling out



All term - Invasion games including, netball, football and hockey.


First half-term - Gymnastics

Second half-term – Dance


Science websites -

bbc - bitesize



woodlands - science


French website

bbc - primary languages - french

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